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3D Egyptian Female Pharaohs - Background Wall Painting

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Two of the most powerful Pharaohs who ruled Egypt
Goddess Isis and Queen Nefertari

Many myths and legends exist about Isis, she was the ancient Egyptian goddess of marriage, fertility,
motherhood, magic and medicine. This powerful Pharaoh is also known to have several titles,
The Divine One, The Queen of all Gods. The Queen of Heaven and The Mother of God. 


Nefertiti ruled Egypt after the death of her husband, Amenhotep IV. Little of her biography 

has been preserved; she may have been the daughter of Egyptian nobles or have had Syrian roots.
Her name means "a beautiful woman has come," and in the art from her era, Nefertiti is often
depicted in romantic poses with Amenhotep or as his co-equal in battle and leadership.

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